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    It is important to get motorcycle insurance quotes to prevent yourself from worrying about the expenses in the case of an accident or your bike’s future need for repairs. It would be easier for you to be assured of the fact that you are getting accurate information on insuring your motorcycle, i.e. the coverage it will get and the price you will have to pay as premiums. MIS works with 10 different Motorcycle Insurance Companies to provide you with the best coverage and lowest premiums. Whether you have a little tiny scooter or a Harley or a customized bike, WE CAN HELP! Our rates start as low as $6/month. If your bike is insured with Geico or Progressive and you think you’re paying too much, you’re probably right! Let us shop the market and find you a competitive rate. We have a market for EVERY rider. Tickets, accidents, DUI? No problem! International License? No license? We can still help you. You need SR22 Insurance with your policy? We can do it all! With Motorcycle rates as low as $6/month, EVERYBODY WINS!