800-726-0640If you have been convicted of a DUI, your driving license has been suspended because you were caught under alcohol influence in line with the vehicle code DUI laws, or the level of your blood concentration is 0.08 percent or more; you will need an SR-22.

Does DUI Affect Your Insurance?

Because a DUI conviction reflects on your driving record for up to 10 years, it does affect your insurance. If you receive another DUI conviction within a period of 10 years after the first offense, your DUI will then become more pronounced.

Even after being acquitted, your license can still be suspended unless you take the chance to challenge the suspension before Department of Motor vehicles (DMV). From the day the order of revocation is received, you only have 10 days to waive or make a request of Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing.

Should you succeed at your hearing, you could plea bargain or dismiss the matter. The effect would be that your auto insurance may not be affected or would be less than in cases where convicted with DUI if you pleaded to a moving violation not linked to alcohol.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

Until you collide with the legal system, you may never hear of SR-22. If you are looking to get back on the road, you need to understand what the SR-22 certificate is and its effects.

Because different insurance companies penalize you differently, be keen to look out for mis-insurance for the best possible quote.  You do not have to be penalized all the time. You only need to keep your records clean, stay insured, and enjoy standard rates once again.

Obtaining an SR-22 Certificate

An SR-22 certificate is obtained from a car insurance company after a car insurance policy has been acquired. If you own a car, but your insurer fails to file the SR-22 form, you can purchase a new and Cheap DUI Insurance. But who needs this certificate? You will need it if:

  • You have caused an accident and have no insurance
  • You are convicted of DUI or any other serious violation
  • You have received too many traffic tickets within a short duration
  • You failed to pay your child support as ordered by the court
  • You have a revoked or a suspended driver’s license

In some states such as Virginia and Florida, you might be required to obtain form FR-44. This carries more liability. Find out from your state department of traffic court of motor vehicles if any of these two certificates are required.

In some states, if you do not own a car you may in some circumstances be required to obtain an SR-22 policy. It means, in this case, a non-owner SR=22 will be required. The normal SR-22 insures a vehicle you own and drive while the non-owner policy protects the vehicle you don’t directly own or gives access to a car you might want to insure.

Acquiring a Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

Non-Owner insurance with SR-22 can be cost-effective. If you have an insurer who does not offer SR-22, you can purchase a non-owner policy from another company. Your original provider would be the primary provider while the SR-22 policy from the other provider would enable you to acquire SR-22 without switching insurance providers.

Because the policy will come with exclusion for all owned vehicles, it will not cover vehicles. If you have an insurance provider whom you want to keep but cannot provide you with SR-22, you can still buy a separate non-owner policy. A non-owner policy is best for people who don’t own a car, don’t drive regularly, are in need of an SR-22 filing, and use public transport as the primary mode of transportation but drive occasionally.

This policy is, however not the best for people who:

  • Own a car since they will need a policy in times when they are driving or when their car is lent to someone else
  • Share residence with a car owner and you at times use the vehicle

Shared residence means a partner such as a parent, spouse, sibling, or anyone else. In most cases, you will have to be listed on the driver’s policy.

What the Non-Owner Policy Covers

Should you be responsible for an accident when in charge of a vehicle, the policy should cover the damages caused to the other car and the people in it. However, this policy does not cover damages caused to your vehicle or injuries sustained. If during the duration of your policy you buy a car, be keen to let your car insurance know.

This will make it possible to change the policy to an owner’s policy. Failing to alert your insurer means you may be denied coverage in case, you get into an accident. This policy is a cheaper alternative to other insurance policies, and its costs vary by your driving history and the amount of coverage needed. Because the policies are purchased depending on the preferences of the driver, each person obtains their insurance.

Currently, you can obtain your policy by contacting MIS. The agents here should help you get a quote for your preferred coverage. The companies we work with can offer proof immediately through fax or email. The processing of non-owner SR-22 mostly depends on how easy it is to file electronically in your state.

If you are required by your state to have insurance coverage when you do not own a car but have been involved in a DUI violation, our Cheap Dui Insurance should meet that requirement. Even if your state does not require you to have liability coverage, it is advisable that you look out for possible options. Acquiring a non-owner policy can protect you against financial crisis in case you get into an accident.

Remember, not owning a car does not mean you do not need car insurance. If you plan on driving anyone’s car, you still need the policy to protect you while on the road. Because non-owner policies are unique, we prefer to discuss your preference with you on our platform. We will be excited to help you choose the policy that is right for you quickly and efficiently.

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