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    Commercial trucking insurance is not only a necessity for trucking companies; independent contractors also need to purchase this commercial trucking insurance for their protection. Every individual who uses a vehicle for business purposes is bound by law to get it insured. Similarly, the trucks used for commercial purposes must also be insured.

    There are different types of commercial trucks, e.g. tractor-trailers, tow trucks, straight trucks, dump truck, and pickup trucks. Commercial truck insurance covers all the vehicles mentioned above. Whether you own a truck or have a complete truck company with a fleet of trucks in your name, it is required for you to insure the trucks that you are using for commercial use.

    We have market for almost all risks:

    • Children’s Transportation
    • Company or Executive Vehicles
    • Construction Vehicles
    • Contractor Vehicles
    • Courtesy Transportation
    • Delivery Vehicles
    • Drive-away Contractor
    • Driver Training Vehicles
    • Funeral Home Vehicles
    • Mobile Concession Vehicles
    • Religious Organization Vehicles
    • Rental Vehicles
    • Security Vehicles
    • Party Buses
    • Charter Buses
    • Children’s Transportation
    • Courtesy Transportation
    • Employee Transportation
    • Funeral Home Vehicles
    • Limousine and Sedan Services
    • Mass Transit
    • Medical Transportation
    • Religious Organization Vehicles
    • School Buses
    • Social Service Vehicles
    • Taxis
    • Construction Units
    • Delivery Vehicles
    • Drive-away Contractors
    • Driver Training Risks
    • Dump Trucks
    • Hazardous Commodity Haulers
    • Log Trucks
    • Non-trucking Liability
    • Tanker Trucks
    • Tow Trucks
    • Truckers (any radius)

    Regardless of what you haul, regardless of your driving record, we can help you find you a rate that works for your budget.